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Upcoming Classes

Cullman Youth Strings

Cullman Youth Strings is an orchestral strings ensemble for ages 12-18. Auditions will be held between September 15-30. Please schedule a private audition time slot with Mr. Simpson.

Audition requirements will be:

  • Concert A, D, and G major scales with arpeggio

  • 1 prepared musical excerpt of your choice

  • Small sight-reading excerpt

If you are interested in a Junior Cullman Youth Strings for ages 8-12, contact us so that we can gauge community interest for this service!

Seed-Harvest Christmas Singers

Christmas Singers is a class for students ages 6-12 who would like to sing at our Christmas Sing-a-long Concert. These students meet for 1 hour each week beginning the first week of November, running through the Christmas concert in the third week of December.

Registration will begin October 1st and run through November 1st.