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Upcoming Classes

Registration is open NOW through August 28th for all classes for the 2021 - 2022 school year! Visit our Classes page to learn more about what may suit your family the best!

We can't wait to meet all our new families!!! 

Cullman Youth Strings

Cullman Youth Strings is an orchestral strings ensemble for ages 12-18. Auditions will be held between September 15-30. Please schedule a private audition time slot with Mr. Simpson.

Audition requirements will be:

  • Concert A, D, and G major scales with arpeggio

  • 1 prepared musical excerpt of your choice

  • Small sight-reading excerpt

If you are interested in a Junior Cullman Youth Strings for ages 8-12, contact us so that we can gauge community interest for this service!

Seed-Harvest Christmas Singers

Christmas Singers is a class for students ages 6-12 who would like to sing at our Christmas Sing-a-long Concert. These students meet for 1 hour each week beginning the first week of November, running through the Christmas concert in the third week of December.

Registration will begin October 1st and run through November 1st.