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I can only say good things about Seed Harvest Music Academy. My younger children very much enjoy the Sprouts 2 class. They have learned so much from Brittney who is great with kids and an excellent teacher. My older daughter has been taking Piano Lessons for the past two years. It is amazing to see her turning into an accomplished Piano Player thanks to Micah. You can tell that the Simpson family loves Music and they are great at teaching it to others.
 - Corinna

Seed-Harvest is wonderful!! Absolutely awesome with the kiddos! Even with really clingy children, they are so patient! It was always a fun learning experience!
 - Krystal

We love being involved with the Homeschool orchestra!! The instruction has been in depth and the improvement in their skills tremendous. It is an incredible value for what you receive and we are super grateful for the experience!!
 - Lauren

Micah and Brittany are amazing instructors with a wealth of knowledge and a passion for kids. It doesn't take long to see that they aren't just people who loved playing music and decided to turn a hobby into a side gig, but are eminently qualified professionals who weave music theory, application, and practice together to provide engaging, age-appropriate lessons for all skill levels.
 - Cherrelle

We love Seed Harvest! The Simpsons are wonderful people who love what they do and it shows!! Our daughter has loved private lessons and has just blossomed under Micah’s tutelage.
 - Lois

We absolutely love Seed Harvest. My children were in class with Mrs. Brittany and now my oldest son is in the homeschool orchestra with Mr. Simpson. They love it and so do I. It absolutely has been a blessing to our family!
 - Amy

My 4 year old takes piano lessons here! He absolutely loves it. Micah is so patient with him, he's learned so much over the last couple of months.
 - Stella

We have been involved with Seed-Harvest for a couple of years now. My kids are in the Orchestra and the Jazz Band and enjoy it immensely. They have also taken private lessons. Micah and Brittany are wonderful!
 - Heather

Love their approach, patience, time & vision bringing this wonderful opportunity to Cullman!
 - Amy A.

Professional, caring and a great place for the seed of music to grow.
 - Rhea

Our almost 13 yr old loves going for private lessons! Micah and Brittany are making a difference for a lot a kiddos! Great job and thanks for all that you are doing.
 - Lin

We love attending the Seedlings class! My 2 year old has learned a number of the songs, dances, tickles and wiggles. It's a great time for her to play with friends...and for us to see friends too. It's an amazing value for the price and I am thankful for something like this in Cullman.
- Jocelyn